Friday, May 4, 2018

1865 Blog - Private Laurie Andy Hatfield

dear ma and pa,
geuss what? im comin' home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but sadly as yall have probabley  heard our beloved capital richmond virginia fell to the ground. rest in peace. and some sore loser confederates thought that if they could not have virginia, the nobodys could so they burned the whole damn thing to the ground. but our new capital is danville whereever the heck that is. but the war is over now and us confederates surrendered. and get this, the location of tha surrenderis at poor ol' man wilmer    mccleans house. o well sucks for him. they took away me gun but not my rifle or horse

from andy hatfield

1865 Blog - Corporal James Brooks

Dear father,
I assume father you have heard that we lost the war. After Gettysburg everything had been a downhill slide and Appomattox was the rock at the bottom. We first fled and burned down Richmond and moved to a new capitol but, after that we were surrounded from three sides and almost we quintupled in troops. We had to surrender marking our sad defeat. During the surrender terms writing it seemed though that Lee and Grant has been best friends since school and, luckily Grant told Ely S. Parker (the writer of the terms of surrender) that we could keep all our own horses and sidearms and could go home. Another not plus nor negative thing that happened was Lincoln’s assassination. Though no man should wish death upon another Lincoln however was not my most favorite president but at least he believed we should just come back into the Union with no punishment. The perpetrator appears to be John Wilkes Booth who shot him during a play! Now that even in my terms is an awful way to murder a man while he just trying to enjoy the victory with “An American Cousin” somebody just decides to shoot them. Well I’m guessing you are looking for a new job as we are no longer the Confederate States of America or the CSA as the young ones call it. I wish the best of luck to to you to find one and tell Amelia I am heading home and can’t wait for her homemade apple pie.
From your best son,
James Brooks

Thursday, May 3, 2018

1865 Blog - Private Eliza Busic

Dear mother and family

im sorry to say but we lost the war. it was just yesterday when those yankees managed to cut off our supplies and take almost a third of our men. bless those confederates who died on that battle feld.  mighty thankful for the fact that i can still keep my gun .Devil she went so fast an all yall know shes my favorite horse. i wish there was a way to bring her back. as much as i hate them billy yanks they did give us food. i was onestly surprized. if i would win the war i wouldnt a given em anythin. stead id go fetch myself some slaves a become a rich man. i know it wouldnt be right an God would never forgive me, everythins fair in war. by the time you get this letter i will be close to home. i cant wait to taste your cookin again ma an go huntin with pa. tell everyone i miss them an that ill be home soon.

your son and brother.

Alvin Busic

1865 Blog - Sergeant Fred Sam Bloom Jr.

Dear ma,

i have some bad news to bear. the confederacy has fallen. the surrender suremony happened yesterday and we were ordered to give up our confederate issued wepaons. i am able to keep my rilfe and horse. even though the confederacy has fallen i will still stay loyal to the cause and always fight for the south.


Gettysburg Address - Seaman Hoan My Lawrence Simonds

Password: Hellraisers

1865 Blog - Private Carrie Flash Perkins Humphrey

deer ivarene

i rote to you newz that both ecsites yet sadens me. General Lee has surendred to Grant just the other day and our surendr seremony waz this morning. It feels gud to be don with battle tho we lost so many on the wae. I am alowed to keep my gun but i had to giv up all the gud ons that wer given to me. Oh wel maybe next time. I hope the kidz ar doin wel. I wish Jen the best for she is not my litl girl anymore but a grown women. and i hop lily and geoffrey haven’t caused you
to much truble. See yoo soon, war is ovr.


1865 Blog - Seaman Hoan My Lawrence Simonds

'ello there. i'm still drifting above in the sky. i shure wish i had'nt chosen ta say ello two the confederate army on the 6th of April thou. man, lee. why'd 'e jus surrender like dat? i tried ta give him some source of hope by flutterin aroun him but i furgot 'e cant evan cee me. -__- i'm jus as useless as Useless is. i felt bad fur lee expecially when 'e whas forced ta see Useless'es face at Wilmore McLean's 'ouse. den again, I also pheel bad fur Wilmore fur constantly havin his house used fur north an south get tagethers. poor guy. Useless actually gav us 25,000 food an let 'em keep all their personal weaponrie. guess he aint so useless but that doesn change the fact that I'm still gonna kall em that. i'm surprised the union is'nt celebratin with joy for winnin cuz if it whas the other way around, i'm prettie shure I whould brag about it in their face. eye heard dat Lincoln played Dixie, my favrite song, fur us. you know the best thin about heaven? they even got musical instruements so I learned 'ow ta play Dixie on da keyboard. I no nobodie kan even 'ere me but i'll play along anywhays.